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It is a part series which takes its time to grow on you as proceed with your episodes. Harshad Mehta, known for never fearing fears and taking leaps, was an Indian Stockbroker. He has been charged with various financial crimes that took place insecurities scams. Pratik Gandhi plays the role of the lead and shows a distinguishing performance of his personality and his death-or-glory attitude. It always comes after a series of failed attempts. He was the supporter of his brother in the series of scams he did.

Reel Vs Real Characters In Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Series & Their Real Life Counterparts.

Both were arrested by the CBI for misappropriating more than 90 companies. Inshe is said to have sued a Mumbai-based broker who owed 6 crores to Harshad since the year Inshe finally won the case and was entrusted with the complete amount along with its interest.

Inspired by the former stockbroker, Ketan Parekh, Jai Upadhyay screens his personality in the series. However, he was not convicted in the scam. Also, he was banished from trading in the Indian Stock Exchange till after his involvement in stock manipulation. Sucheta Dalal is an Indian Business journalist since 25 years and is an author.

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She has been awarded the Padma Shri for journalism in During the Harshad Mehta scam inwas working with a renowned newspaper. She went on investigations and reports to expose the scam on 23rd April, in the columns os Times of India. She scaled to the investigations of various cases like the Enrom Scam, the Industrial Development Bank of India scam and the Ketan Parekh scam in Shreya Dhanwanthary played the role of this leader.

Faisal Rashid played him in the web-series. He is currently the owner of MoneyLife which is a fortnightly magazine on investment. Based on the life of Manubhai Maneklal, he is also referred to as the Black Cobra. It is rumored that he headed one of the biggest cartels also referred to as the the Marwadi Bear Cartel, during the time. The character of Maheshwari is based on a businessman and an investor, Radhakisan Damani.

Rise and Fall of Harshad Mehta: a tale of Individual brilliance vs Collective leadership

Although he was not accused of any scam, he was seen to have ties with both Harshad Mehta and Manu Mundra in the manipulation of the stock market. He quit the stock market in the s.

To come up to the Forbes List of Billionaires, his stride was rather a tough one. With only Rs 5, in his pocket inRakesh Jhunjhunwala has scripted one of the biggest success stories on Dalal Street. His exceptional intellect tells him that there are no shortcuts to success. He was an Indian Lawyer and Politician.

He played a phenomenal role by heading the legal team defending Harshad Mehta. In the series, he has been seen working hand-in-hand with Ajay Kedia. He was asked to resign by Citibank in after he moved to New York. He is currently the founder and the managing director of Aquarius.Buy more, benefit morel! There is something about operating in the grey zone that appears attractive to us.

It is the adrenaline rush that accompanies the breaking of rules, the temptation that comes with doing something outside the conventional norms, that prompts us to cross over to the dark side. If you have watched till the end of the web-series though, you will know that breaking the rules is not for the faint-hearted.

If you want to live on the edge, you have to be prepared for the stress and the heartburn that comes along with it. This character is based on Ajay Kayan stockbroker.

Kayan was also part of the bear cartel that opposed Mehta. In the series, Kayan appears as a suave and confident broker who has the Calcutta Stock Exchange in the palm of his hand.

In fact, Kayan loses no opportunities to undermine the protagonist Harshad Mehta and the fact that he is an outsider to the inner circle of elite brokers. Let us take a deeper look at the involvement of Ajay Kayan broker, and attempt to retrace his story, from the Harshad Mehta scam to his exoneration, to his life after scam During the s, the stock market was dominated by a few large players. This period often saw direct conflicts between the two opposing ideologies that exist in the stock market — the bull cartel and the bear cartel.

The bull cartel operated on an optimistic outlook and assumed that the prices of the shares that they invested in would rise. Once the price increased, the bullish traders sold off the shares at a higher price and made large capital gains. On the other hand, the bear cartel adopted a more pessimistic point of view with regard to stock trading.

This means they focused on those companies whose share price will fall in future. The bearish traders sold the shares at the high price, waited for the price to fall, and then bought the shares back again at the low price, thus making a neat profit from arbitrage. Of course, under normal circumstances, bullish traders and bearish traders can operate in peaceful coexistence. This is because the subject of their analysis and attention is generally mutually exclusive. The bullish traders focus on those companies where a price appreciation is expected and the bearish traders focus on those companies whose stock price is expected to fall in the near future.

The conflict arises when the bearish traders and the bullish traders focused on the same set of stocks. When this happens, we often see a full-fledged fight break out between the two parties. Back in the s however, market manipulation was rampant as much of the power was concentrated in the hands of a few people. In this case, the bull cartel was headed by Harshad Mehta, and the bear cartel was headed by players like Manu Manek and Ajay Kayan. These two cartels were often at loggerheads with each other, because of their personal conflicts.

Thus, we often saw the two cartels targeting the same set of companies, for the sole reason of emerging triumphant over the other party. In fact, when it comes to Ajay Kayan Harshad Mehta, their rivalry exceeded the boundaries of the share market and extended into the money market as well.

Start investing today with India's fastest growing online brokerage platform. One day, one account, lifetime validity. Click here to get started. The money market was characterized by the demand for short-term credit by banks.

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This demand was usually fulfilled with the use of ready forward deals. Here, banks exchanged securities for money.This is based on the life of the infamous Trader Harshad Mehta.

What exactly led to the fall of him? Why and how did this happen? Why his longtime friend betrayed him?

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How could people like Ajay Kedia, Tyagi and Manu Mundra tackle Harshad Mehta and win against him in a battle where Harshad was undoubtedly more powerful and intelligent than each one of them?

A lion, weighing one thirtieth of a fully grown elephant, when comes with a pack can take down an elephant. And lions never attack an elephant alone. They attack in a pack. He took everything into his own hands.

He never shared this ideas or plans with his core team. When the enemy goes for a multi-pronged attack, you should have your team of best leaders leading the packs in different directions. You may win few battles with your sheer brilliance but you can never keep winning if you fight alone. A great leader replicates his thoughts and brilliance in his team of commanders.

The art of reatreat is as important as the art of advancement. A great leader knows when to retreat. But he took it personally and denied his last resort. Only if he was good at the art of retreat, he would not have gotten into trouble. Not knowing when and how to retreat led him to a free fall in the market and got him trapped. Even if he makes enemies, he never lets them know about his intentions of decimating them. A great leader turns his enemies into his allies. He never took their suggestions seriously be it his brother Ashwin Mehta, his long time partner Bhushan Bhatt or his loyal friend Pranav Sheth.The series focuses on Harshad Mehta's life story, his meteoric rise and the subsequemt downfall.

Originally produced by Sameer Nair of Applause EntertainmentHansal Mehta, worked for three years in writing the script consisting of pages. Filmed across locations in Mumbaiwithin 85 days, the shooting was wrapped up on March Achint Thakkar composed the background score. The series eventually received praise from the performances of the cast members, writing and the major technical aspects.

Unsatisfied with his growth, he soon starts his own consulting firm. Exploiting loopholes in the market system and bribing various officials, he soon amasses a huge amount of wealth. On Decemberfilmmaker Hansal Mehta announced that he will be directing the series, which will be titled as Scam Before the announcement of the series, it was reported that Abhishek Bachchan 's The Big Bullis based on the same plot, while Mehta claimed that the film is based on a fictional work, with the oulinte of the story being used for the film, while the series is based on Dalal's novel.

The casting of the series is done by casting director Mukesh Chhabrawhich features more than characters. Pratik Gandhi stated that playing the character of Harshad Mehta is an interesting one as "it has many layers of good and bad to it".

He further added "The audience will have a great time figuring if the real Harshad Mehta was a hero or a villain". The principal shoot of the film kickstarted on Decembersoon after the announcement of the series. Mehta's upscale apartment in Worliwas recreated by modifying the exteriors of an existing building at Malvani in Malad Westand the interiors were created inside a bungalow in Madh Islandwhich were modified to look similar to the actual flat belonging to Harshad Mehta using photographs available online for reference, and some portions were recreated using the help of visual effects.

Harshad Mehta’s SCAM 1992 | Reel vs Real | Status | Learning

Major portions of the film were shot at Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai, with the show makers however got permission to shoot for short durations of time. Despite this, the team was able to get much of the design right with the help of a consultant who had worked there during that period. The BSE itself also provided a book on its history as a reference point for the production team. The original score of Scamwas composed by Achint Thakkar.

The theme music of the film received rave response from the listeners, which followed by the composer who uploaded the theme song through his official YouTube channel. The bass is a very important part of the track, and is the main riff which is why it had to be perfect. So it was the three things, with the added vocal which was minimal on top, that made the tune come together as know it in its final version.

The series received mostly positive reviews from critics, with praise for the performances and writing Sayan Ghosh of The Hindu wrote " Scam The Harshad Mehta Story is a well-written show with its lead characters doing all the heavy lifting.

Despite its flaws, it provides an intriguing sneak-peek at the untapped potential of homegrown content creators — and what they are capable of — if allowed to run wild with their imagination. Devasheesh Pandey of News18gave three-and-a-half out of five stars and stated " Scam The Harshad Mehta Story does not pronounce guilty verdict on India's first financial sector scamster, but presents us with a morally dubious character and leaves it our sensibilities whether to make him a messiah or a pariah.

This bull got big but then ran into the wolves who were stronger, the series lamely suggests.Scam Real-Life Characters: Scam since its release has taken the country by storm. It is packed with powerful performances by Pratik Gandhi and Shreya Dhanwanthary, Scam rides high on the brilliant dialogues and sharp storyline as well as the crisp direction by Hansal Mehta.

But we also know that there has been some fictionalized and dramatized version of the story used to entice the Indian audience who generally like this type of stuff. And hence seeing the surge in knowing more about this topic we are here to tell you the differences between the reel and real story characters behind scam In the show, it was shown that Harshad Mehta only had one brother named Ashwin played by Hemant Kher.

But in reality, he had three brothers named Ashwin, Sudhir, and Hitesh. In real life, Ashwin and Sudhir were named accomplices to Harshad Mehta behind the scam. Played by Shreya Dhanwanthary. Sucheta Dalal is a famous journalist who has received Padma Shri from Dr.

APJ Abdul Kalam. She has worked on unearthing several scams including the Ketan Parekh case. She has written several books on these scams along with her husband Debashis Basu.

Played by Faisal Rashid. Debashis has worked as a journalist for quite some time, he along with his wife wrote the infamous book The Scam, which serves as the core for the series. Played by Satish Kaushik. BSE was popularly known as the Manubhai ki market in the 80s. One of the most influential personalities in the Share market known as the black cobra as well as the biggest bear, held the power to short sell the stocks. Remember the 3 men who used to work for Manu Mundra?

While two of them went on to become high profile personalities. The two were Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Radhakrishan Damani. The other R was a chartist. In reality, Thiagarajan was the treasury head for Citibank.

Ajay Kedia has been inspired by Ajay Kayan who along with his father used to run a stockbroking firm from Kolkata.

Played by the famous Anant Mahadevan. Venkataraman was the 18th governor of RBI. He previously served as the finance secretary in the finance ministry. Initially, he was blamed for the scam as he was in charge but his innocence was given by the then Finance Minister Manmohan Singh publicly.

He was the chairman of Unit Trust of India for almost a decade until when he became the chairman of the National Housing Bank.The acting of each character is tremendous. His father Shantilal Mehta had a small textile business. He passed B. Com in the year and after that he take his first job in New India Insurance.

It was the same company from which he got the interest in the stock market.

tyagi and ajay kedia

Gradually, Harshad Mehta took the stock market to new heights. Inhe cheated with the Bombay Stock Exchange. Harshad Mehta, who allegedly embezzled Rs crore from Stokes, was charged with 72 offenses. He died of a heart attack at the age of He was on trial until his death in which is featured in this web series.

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He is the younger brother of Harshad Mehta. Today Ashwin Mehta is a professional lawyer and works in the Supreme Court.

tyagi and ajay kedia

According to media reports, Ashwin Mehta has a net worth of about Rs 30 crore. Ashwin Mehta became a staunch lawyer while fighting the case.

He is now around 65 years old. Following the death of Harshad Mehta, the family, including Ashwin Mehta and Jyoti Mehta, were acquitted by a Mumbai court in a scam probe. Ashwin Mehta has paid Rs 1, crore to banks without any assistance. According to a report, He lives with his family in Madhulika apartment in Worli. Shantilal had a small textile business. Jyoti Mehta is the wife of Harshad Mehta.

She is now 62 years old. She has a son named Atur Mehta. According to current reports Jyoti Mehta lives in the US with her son.

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She was born in Mumbai in She is the one, who broke the scandal of Harshad Mehta while working as a journalist in the Times of India.The big city is a fickle mistress. Most outsiders start at the bottom. This is when the hustle is strong. The work matters. The ambition is artful. The neck is too busy navigating the crowd to crane upward. The higher a person rises, however, the more the city reveals itself.

Its clothes come off. It seduces. Its eyes find the penthouses and balconies of the climber. And the climber, in turn, courts the city. They start to be seen together. One gets associated with the other. The ambition becomes egoistic. The pride of his narrative outweighs the integrity of his profession. The climber buys into this romanticized image: he stands at the top and looks downward, admiring his shiny trophy.

When a younger Mehta is a jobber on Dalal Street, he rarely mentions the city. But once he becomes the star stockbroker, all we see is Mumbai. All he sees, too, is Mumbai. Many of his scenes are shot at a height. He answers phone calls from his terrace pool against the skyline; he has debates with his brother in the living room of the sea-facing penthouse.

He is in awe of his own wealth. The people trying to nail Harshad Mehta have different, lower views of Mumbai. The Bear cartel, led by Manu Mundra, operates near ground level.

Their scheming takes place in dance bars and cramped offices — almost as if they were trying to pull Harshad back down to the city he emerged from. Ditto for the money market gang — led by Citibank head Tyagi and his broker Ajay Kedia — who despite their lofty status are mostly seen discussing Mehta at parties, events and weddings.

She tirelessly chases sources and deadlines from a mid-level vantage point — the hero sandwiched between villainous heroes and a heroic villain. The playing field is level, everyone is a scamster, but their only fault is that they are better at being corrupt than their peers. Middle-class Gujarati boomers are more inclined to treat Bollywood as a bible of life lessons.

Mehta is conditioned to imagine that revenge is the hallmark of heroism. For reference, a childhood friend in Ahmedabad would freeze and shoot icy stares at those who teased him.

Only later did we discover that his father was a Sunil Shetty fan. The language of Hindi cinema plays a prominent role in isolating the Harshad Mehta narrative. Even in crucial meetings, when Mehta is convincing a new client or listening to Sucheta drop truth bombs about his exploitation of systemic loopholes, his crooked grin and Agneepath -ish gait he leans back on a chair with one arm paint the picture of a silver-tongued patriot who aims to movie-hero his way into public conscience.

tyagi and ajay kedia

Only with his family members does the veneer break, with Gujarati phrases tumbling out in the more vulnerable moments. But the most significant aspect of Scam is its supporting cast. New-age casting is inextricably linked to the history of the Hindi film industry, and by extension, the city of Mumbai.

The reel tends to weaponize the real.

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